LSST TVS SC Subgroup: Anomalies and True Novelties

Topic: LSST anomalies and true novelties

Our understanding of the Universe has progressed through deliberate, targeted studies of known phenomena, like the supernova campaigns that enabled the discovery of the accelerated expansion of the Universe, as much as through serendipitous, unexpected discoveries: Jupiter’s moons and interstellar objects like 1I/'Oumuamua force us to rethink assumptions and create new theories. Deploying new and powerful instruments in physics, we not only enable the pursuit of anticipated science goals but by expanding the observed parameter space we can uncover anomalies that lead to entirely new forms of understanding of our Universe. Anomaly detection requires exquisite technical expertise in data mining and statistical inference. This subgroup is design to advance technical expertise and develop moethodlogy to detect true novelties in the LSST data.


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Active Projects of the Anomalies and True Novelties Subgroup

(1) Survey Cadence: Identifying opsims that maximize the potential to discover true anomalies
(2) Organizing a LSSTC-Enabling-Science workshop on anomaly detection
(3) Investigating the effectiveness of different methods for anomaly detections to detect truly novel phenomena

Active Members

Subgroup coordinator: Federica Bianco

Active Members:

  • Patrick Aleo
  • Konstantin Malanchev
  • Gautham Narayan
  • Tyler Pritchard
  • Monika Soraisam

Active Members (secondary subgroup affiliation):

  • Will Clarkson
  • Xiaolong Li
  • Fabio Ragosta