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The LSST Transients and Variable Stars Collaboration focuses on the transient sky, including a large and diverse range of phenomena: variable events, periodic or not, explosive and eruptive transients, and geometric transients (e.g. eclipsing binaries and planets). Variability is a tell tale of the nature of the objects observed, but it also enables galactic studies (the mapping of the galactic structure), extragalactic studies (the characterization of the intracluster medium), and cosmological studies. Because of their physical and phenomenological diversity, the object we study span a wide range of timescales and present themselves in a range of brightnesses and colors. We work to understand and maximize the potential of LSST in the exploration of the variable and transient sky, one of the 4 science drivers of LSST. LSST also holds great potential for discovery of new transient phenomena, especially at the very short and very long time scales.

This is a map of our members across the worlds


Our collaboration is organized in 15 groups with common expertise and interests, that are delineating a roadmap to maximize the potential of the LSST survey in the discovery and characterization of the transient sky.

active subgroups

Fast Transients

primary contacts:
Maria Drout, Carnegie-Dunlap

Interacting Binaries

primary contacts:
Andrej Prsa, Villanova
Paula Szkody, UW

Magnetically Active Stars

primary contacts:
Ricky Egeland, High Altitude Observatory

Microlensing Subgroup

primary contacts:
Rachel Street, LCO
Rosanne DiStefano, CfA

Multiwavelength Characterization and Counterparts

primary contacts:
Raffaella Margutti, NorthWestern

Non-degenerate Eruptive Variables

primary contacts:
Sara Bonito, INAF

Pulsating Variables

primary contacts:
Kelly Hambleton, Villanova


primary contacts:
Melissa Graham, UW

Tidal Disruption Events

primary contacts:
Iair Arcavi, LCO

Transiting Planets

primary contacts:
Michael Lund, Vanderbilt

currently inactive subgroups

Distance Scale

Task Forces

Current TVS task forces




LSST TVS Survey Strategy Proposal Preparation Workshop

Conference: June 4-5, Unconference-Hackathon: June 6-8 2018

LSST TVS workshop 2018

Naples April 9-11, 2018


Contact us for more information
a message will be sent to the co-chairs Rachel Street and Federica Bianco