TVS Task Force

Survey Strategy Task Force


Rachel Street Coordinator
Rosanne Di StefanoClaudia M. Raiteri
Igor AndreoniAndjelka Kovacevic
Michael William CoughlinRobert Szabo
Ilaria MusellaSara (Rosaria) Bonito
Silvio LecciaDragana Ilic
Giulia De Somma Marcella Marconi
Maria Isabel Carnerero Martin

Task Force (TF) Goals

The goals of the task force are to

  • Assist members to complete survey strategy research in a timely manner
  • Coordinate the publication of survey strategy papers
  • Ensure members receive credit for their work
  • Coordinate with survey strategy research conducted by other SCs
  • Present TVS survey strategy research at the 2021 Rubin Project and Community Workshop

Current Work

Having hosted an interesting discussion on survey strategy during Rubin's annual Project and Community Workshop in August, the Task Force is now focusing on a review of the community-contributed survey strategy metrics in order to recommend to the SCOC a set of metrics that should be run for each science area. Advice from the TVS science subgroups will be sought.


  • Cadence Note Synthesis Document - SMWLV + TVS
  • Meeting Notes

    Summary spreadsheet of community-contributed metrics and their development status

    Jointly produced by the survey strategy task forces from TVS and SMWLV. Please note this is a copy of the spreadsheet rather than the direct link - please contact Rachel to update