TVS Task Force

Software Task Force


Federica Bianco Coordinator
Yiannis TsaprasMichael William Coughlin
Viktor RadovicDragana Ilic
Claudia M. RaiteriAndjelka Kovacevic
Nina HernitschekKeivan Stassun
Robert SzaboMarkus Hundertmark
Maria Isabel Carnerero MartinMassimo Dall'Ora
Andreja GombocTomislav Jurkic
Johann Cohen-TanugiLuca Izzo
Sergey KarpovAsen Christov
Matteo MonelliChristoph Raab
Ilaria MusellaRachel Street
Silvio LecciaGiulia De Somma
marcella di criscienzoMarcella Marconi
Lovro Palaversa

Task Force (TF) Goals

The goals of the task force are to

  • Suggest software to be developed in support of TVS science, and outlining a mechanism for members to propose software for development
  • Review currently available software
  • Review the TVS Science Roadmap to identify needed software packages
  • Define and document software for development and the package requirements
  • Selecting software to be developed as directable software development by international contributors
  • Designed a mechanism to validate software performance
  • Lower the barrier to entry for use of the software by TVS members