TVS Task Force

Metrics Analysis Framework

Work Plan


Federica Bianco Chair, Spokesperson
Ashley Villar, Harvard University
Derex Fox
Katja Bricman
Maria Teresa Botticella
Martin Donachie
Ming Lian, University of Delaware
Sjoert van Velzen
Stephen Ridgway
Xiaolong Li, University of Delaware


Metrics (MAFs) were not generally available with the submitted TVS white papers and without them the cadences cannot be evaluated. This means the requested cadences may actually not be simulated, unless a MAF is provided or easily generated by the project members.

Task Force (TF) Goals

The goals of MAF task force are to

  • Learn the MAF
  • Review the TVS White Paper submissions for cadence proposals
  • Design and code MAFs for all TVS submissions
  • Create TVS specific (video) tutorials for MAF

Work Plan and Deliverables

MAF Task Force Gantt Chart
  • Review the TVS White Paper
  • Design and code metrics for all submissions
  • Run metrics on Opsim

  • DeadlineMilestone
    Jun 14, 2019, Learn the MAF
    Jul 1, 2019, Assign papers to members
    Jul 15, 2019, Understand the metrics
    Dec 1, 2019, Finish all Metrics
    Jan 1, 2020, Run on Opsim
    March 1, 2020, Summarizing Opsim results