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TVS Task Force

Deep-drilling fields and Mini-survey proposals planning

Work Plan


B. Balmaverde
F. Bianco
S. BonitoChair, Spokesperson
M.T. Botticella
M. Carnerero
G. Clementini
F. Cusano
M. Dall'Ora
F. D'Ammando
M. Donachie
M. Drout
R. Egeland
G. Fiorentino
A. Garofalo
M. Graham
K. Hambleton
R. Margutti
I. Moretti
T. Muraveva
I. Musella
M. Rabus
C. Raiteri
C. Righi
R. Street
M. Sullivan
R. Szabo
J. Pepper
A. Prsa


The Transients and Variable Stars Science collaboration consist of various subgroups with different scientific goals. In order to combine efforts between the different subgroups, a task force has been created. The task force aims at identifying priorities and science cases to be included in the fall 2018 call for Minisurvey & Deep-drilling field LSST proposals.

Task Force (TF) Goals

  • Collaborate between different subgroups in TVS.
  • Create mini-survey and deep-drilling field proposals.

Work Plan and Deliverables

Apr. , 2018Propose an agenda for the June TVS meeting.
Jun. , 2018Initial drafts of mini-survey and deep-drilling field proposals as output from the Jun. 2018 TVS meeting
Fall 2018Final versions of Mini-survey and deep-drilling field proposals.

Initial proposal drafts:

Young stars
Microlensing and Milky Way
RR Lyrae stars and Cepheids
RR Lyrae stars in the inner bulge
Supernovae demography and rates
Gaia-LSST Synergy and Pulsation Theory
Variability and census of Blazers