LSST TVS SC Subgroup: Tidal Disruption Events

Topic: LSST TDEs

The LSST images will contain thousands of tidal disruption events.
Identifying these valuable transients among a much large population of supernovae and variable AGN is the main challenge that we are preparing for in this subgroup.


Join the TVS Science Collaboration and this TDE subgroup via the main TVS Webpage. Note that your application should include your science interests and proposed contributions to the current TVS-TDE activities described below. All members are expected to read and abide by the TVS Code of Conduct, the TVS Charter, and the TVS Publication Policy. Those documents describe the priviledges and responsibilities of TVS membership. Members may sign the Code of Conduct and Charter using this web form. The TDE subgroup contact and lists of currently active members can be found at the bottom of this page. We look forward to having you join us!

Active Projects of the TDE Subgroup

(1) Survey Cadence: proposing and evaluating strategies for the LSST survey cadence. We are writing a metric that is optimized for photometric discrimination of SNe and TDEs. For this goal, u-band observations are very important. See also the LSST TVS task force.
(2) AGN classification. Removal of AGN is key for an efficient TDE search. Currently, optical transient surveys (e.g. ASASSN, ZTF) use catalogs of known AGN, which are mainly based on spectroscopic observations or WISE photometric selection. However, at the typical redshift of LSST TDEs, these catalog are not deep enough. We need to understand how well can we classify AGN based on the static LSST photometry from the co-add images.

Active Members

Subgroup Contact: Sjoert van Velzen (sjoert at nyu dot edu)

Active Members:

  • Gezari Suvi
  • Brandt Niel
  • Bricman Katja
  • Clayton Geoffrey
  • Auchettl Katie
  • Cenko S. Bradley
  • Arcavi Iair
  • van Velzen Sjoert

Active Members (for whom TDEs is not their primary subgroup):

  • Berger Edo
  • Ghirlanda Giancarlo
  • Gomboc Andreja
  • Huerta Eliu
  • Maguire Kate
  • Mandel Ilya
  • Morganson Eric
  • Orio Marina
  • Pankow Chris
  • Piranomonte Silvia
  • Salafia Om Sharan
  • Young David
  • Chornock Ryan
  • Anderson Scott
  • Antonino Cucchiara
  • Bersier David
  • Boroson Todd
  • Campana Sergio
  • Hambleton Kelly
  • Nicholl Matt
  • Paolillo Maurizio
  • Petrushevska Tanja