Meeting purpose

The LSST is just around the corner! As telescope construction comes to a close and commissioning begins the activities of the Science Collaboration and coordination of our efforts also needs to ramp up. This meeting is aimed to bring together TVS and SMWLV scientists to synergize our activities and synchronize our goals.

This meeting and hackathon, funded by the LSST Corporation Enabling Science program will host up to 40 participants, members of TVS or SMWLV LSST Science Collaborations, at the University of Delaware Clayton Hall for 1.5 days of plenary and contributed talks, an Unconference, and 3 days of hackathon.

Apply to participate : application deadline extended through September 25

Meeting structure

  • LSST experts (Colin Slater, Peter Yoachim?) Leadership of the SCs (Federica Bianco, Rachel Street, John Gizis) will give plenary talks on the SC activities, LSST relevant tools (Scarlet, MAF). Science experts will give talk on cross-cutting science topics (Will Clarkson, Lukas Grenacher) and field experts will talk about helpful tools, platforms and skills (Jeno Sokoloski, ...)
  • Small groups of 3-4 people will work collaboratively on hackathon proposed by the participants (upon applying) toward deliverables that are beneficial to both SCs
  • Groups will share their findings and results on the last day in an informal presentation setting.
  • Code of Conduct

    This meeting will adopt the TVS SC in-person meeting Code of Conduct. We will appoint two participants to act as the designated contact persons for reporting instances of bullying, harassment or aggression. The designated contact person is able to advise attendees on how to deal with hostile situations and incidents. In case that an event is reported, and with the approval of the reporting person, the designated contact person will approach the offending person(s) to discuss how their behaviour is causing distress to other participants and remind them of the code of conduct applicable to all participants. If more serious measures are needed, the designated contact person should inform the reporting person(s) of the procedure to follow in these cases. Should a participant witness events of bullying, harassment or aggression, the recommendation is to approach the person who sufferred the abuse to show support, ask how they are doing, and possibly suggest for them to talk to one of the designated contact people. The decision to approach the contact person should, however, ultimately be left to the the person who sufferred the abuse. In synthesis: the principle that should guide interaction in this meeting are:

    • Treat everyone with respect and consideration;
    • Communicate openly and thoughtfully with others and be considerate of the multitude of views and opinions that are different than your own;
    • Be respectful and mindful in your critique of ideas;
    • Be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants.


    • Dates

      October 14-18, 2019. 2+3 days (plenary+hackathon). Participation to the whole meeting is preferred, participation to the hackathon is especially encouraged for junior members

    • Location

      Clayton Hall, University of Delaware, Newark DE

    • Participants

      About 40 participants. We expect to provide travel reimbursement for most members. We aspire to assamble a diverse and inclusive meeting on both science and socioeconomic axes (gender, siniority, URMs).

    Detailed agenda - still subject to change :

    Local Information

    Updates will be posted continuously

    List of Participants

    Contact the SOC for any information

    Federica Bianco (TVS, UDelaware, LSSTC)

    John Gizis (SMWLV, UDelaware)

    Rachel Street (TVS, LCO)

    Sara Bonito (TVS, SMWLV, Osservatorio Astronomico of Palermo)

    Will Clarkson (SMWLV, UMichigan)

    Somayeh Khakpash (TVS, Lehigh University)

    Peregrine McGehee (SMWLV, College of the Canyons)