LSST TVS Survey Strategy Proposal Preparation Workshop

Conference: June 4-5

Unconference-Hackathon: June 6-8

Lehigh University, PA

Scope and Purpose

The purpose of this workshop is to organize the response of the TVS Science Collaboration to the upcoming LSST Observing Strategy white paper call with expected deadline Fall 2018. This workshop will include discussion of proposals, discussion and hands-on work on the creation of figures of merit (FoM) to evaluate the success of a particular LSST observing strategy to answer a science question, and creation of MAFs (Metric Analysis Framework instances) to evaluate the FoM for a specific LSST observing strategy. This workshop will include observing strategy proposals for Deep Drilling Fields and Minisurveys, as well as Wide-Fast-Deep survey. The workshop is designed to enable collaborative hands-on work and a set of MAFs for various science cases relevant to transient and variable science are expected to be delivered at the end of the week.


On Github:slides, code, etc

on Slack: LSSTSC #tvs-2018-june-meeting

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Enabling Science Program


Scientific Organizing Committee:

Local Organizing Committee:

Federica Bianco, NYU Joshua Pepper Lehigh
Rosaria Bonito, INAF Somayeh Khakpash, Lehigh
Joshua Pepper, Lehigh
Rachel Street, LCO
the TVS Deep Drilling Fields and Minisurveys Task Force

Invited Speakers:

Eric Bellm (LSST)
Owen Boberg (LSST)
Martin Donachie (TVS)
Eric Feigelson (ISSC)
Eric Gawiser (DESC)
Melissa Graham (LSST - TVS)
Michael Johnson (TVS)
Bryce Kalmbach (DESC)
Elle Ojala (TVS)
Monika Soraisam (NOAO)


Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Conference Venue, STEPS 102, Lehigh University
Lodging: Comfort Suites University - mention "LSST Group" when you make your reservation by May 20th

Getting to the Meeting: Lehigh University is located in Bethlehem, PA. Bethlehem is in eastern Pennsylvania, about an hour's drive north of Philadelphia and an hour west of New York City. There is a regional airport nearby called Lehigh Valley International Airport (code ABE). If you can fly into ABE, the university and the conference hotel are just a 12-minute drive away, with easy access via Uber or Lyft.
You can also fly into Newark (EWR) or Philadelphia (PHL) airports. You can rent a car at either airport and drive to Bethlehem. Parking at the hotel is free. If you fly into Newark, you can take a bus to Bethlehem using Transbridge Lines. Note the bus schedule and fares ahead of time. If you take the bus, get off at the South Bethlehem bus stop, which is a 5-minute walk from the hotel.


We will have tags that you can hang from your rear-view mirror, and if you have it you can park for free on the 1st level of the Farrington Parking Garage. The garage is located off of Asa Drive just east of Vine Street. It has been added to the Google Map for the Meeting


Humna Awan Rutgers DESC SC
Barbara Balmverde Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino TVS Multiwavelength Characterization/Counterparts
Federica Bianco NYU TVS Supernovae
Owen Boberg LSST & UW
Niel Brandt Pennsylvania State University TVS Tidal Disruption Events/AGN SC
Mi Dai Rutgers TVS DESC SC
Will Dawson LLNL DESC SC
Martin Donachie University of Auckland TVS Microlensing
Eric Feigelson Pennsylvania State University ISSC SC
Eric Gawiser Rutgers DESC SC
Melissa Graham LSST & UW TVS Supernovae
Kelly Hambleton Villanova TVS Pulsating Variables
Dylan Hilligoss University of Delaware SMWLV SC
Michael Johnson University of Southampton TVS Fast Transients
Bryce Kalmbach University of Washington DESC SC
Somayeh Khakpash Lehigh University TVS Microlensing
Michael Lund Vanderbuilt TVS Transiting Planets
Joshua Pepper Lehigh University TVS Transiting Planets
Andrej Prsa Villanova TVS Interacting Binaries
Markus Rabus PUC, Chile TVS Transiting Planets
Gordon Richards Drexel AGN SC
Monika Soraisam NOAO
Rachel Street LCO TVS Microlensing
Victoria Ashley Villar Harvard University TVS Classification/Characterization
Mark Wells Pennsylvania State University TVS Interacting Binaries
Sara Bonito Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo TVS Non-degenerate Eruptive Variables
Maria Teresa Botticella Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte TVS Supernovae
Maria Carnero Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino TVS Multiwavelength Characterization/Counterparts
Andrea Pastorello Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova TVS Supernovae

Scientific Program:

Proposed Splinter Sessions

Splinter sessions can be proposed through the sign up form. Splinter sessions will be finalized based on the number of attendees interested.

variable stars
young stars
young and fast transients
R tutorial on irregular time series
eclipsing binaries
non-time critical science
young and fast transients
young stars